Covenant Presbyterian Church

Rooted in Tradition... Reaching To Tomorrow!

Our Mission

To be an instrument for
God’s transformation of individuals
and society by
all who come our way;
those who have not come;
the message of  Christ’s Love
in word and deed;
Expressing gratitude
to God through stewardship and worship; and
Caring and Praying
for those in need of
emotional and spiritual support, direct service or
partners in their struggle
for justice both locally and
throughout the world.

From The Pastor

Where "Here" Is . . . Some Reflections

I'm finding it difficult to believe that I've been with you at Covenant Church for twelve years now . . . how the time has flown by!  My ministry officially began here in October of 20005, when I was called to be your “next” in a line of fine pastors.  One of the challenges I was given was to be the pastor to ‘walk with you’ "into the 21st century."  Well, here you are, and a few years beyond that.

It's interesting to see just where "here" is.  As I became acquainted with Covenant in those early days I learned of the challenges we would face together:  in midst of one capital campaign (with stained glass windows repaired, new air HVAC units installed; renovations to what is now the Covenant House; and much more); I did not anticipate the staff changes over the following years – custodial staff; music staff; administrative staff; surely wasn’t clear about the subsequent capital campaign involving total sanctuary renovations and new pipe organ; and then still more staff changes for Christian Education and youth ministry.

Now, however, the list of issues is different again (or, somewhat anyway).  This Fall and for the foreseeable future we consider the Call of a new ordained staff member, our Associate Pastor for Christian Education and Family Ministry.  The challenges we face continue and are exciting.   We are working hard to accomplish a lot!!!!

But still there are issues . . . Yes, we're stable and healthy, but there is more to being a church than that.  Stability brings its own dangers: complacency, fear of change, self-satisfaction...  All people and organizations need to re-invent themselves from time to time, to rethink the "whys" of their existence and be ready to change direction as needed.  We need to constantly be about evaluating current programs and direction, anticipating needed changes and suggestions for new directions.  New things are coming!!!

Please plan on attending the Welcome Back Breakfast at 9:00 A.M. on September 10th. 

On that day you’ll meet the candidate for our new staff position, Martha Jordan, along with her family.   You’ll experience her leadership in worship that day, and consider the search committee’s recommendation to extend her the ‘Call” to join us in ministry.

The “Here and Now” of Covenant’s ministry is always changing even if our God is a constant in our life.  The “Here and Now” of Covenant’s ministry is focused on an exciting future together, as we seek to faithfully serve the Lord together.